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spiral_slide_yellow.gif - 10462 Bytes The SPIRAL SLIDE is still an impressive addition to any playground. Aside from its obvious fun value and attractive appearance, the corkscrew shape enables a long slide path to be installed compactly. SUMMIT-USA’s Spiral Slide is segmented, with well-fitted joints. Segmented slides have several advantages over one-piece slides, not the least of which is friendly shipping and storage. The slide can be re-configured based on the number of 90° spiral sections used, hence, can be used on several deck-heights. 3ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 9.5ft, 11ft. These are common deck heights for this slide.

This is a well-crafted slide. While it may require a little more installation labor than its one-piece counterpart, the modular technique permits both modifications to the unit and replacement of damaged components. The metal main-deck frame is incredibly strong and provides very simple connection interface to your platform. The hood is optional. There is an optional ladder system to create a freestanding unit. This is helpful if you are trying to place an attraction in a small space, like an apartment house yard.

If you must have a one-piece slide, consider ‘field-welding’ the slide joints to achieve a ‘seamless’ bedway.

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