Cyclone Slide

Cyclone Slide 1 The Cyclone Slide is the ‘Big Brother’ of our Twister slide. As good as the Twister is, we’ve made improvements that are incorporated in the Cyclone. It’s wider, 28″ (710mm) and deeper, 18″ (460mm) (inside the bedway).


We still have ENTRY, EXIT, RIGHT and LEFT turns, but the wave module has been replaced with an UP module and a DOWN module. These last two modules permit, not only vertical path changes, but also pitch changes for speed control. Use a DOWN module to make the slide faster. The slide becomes variable pitch. This is particularly important when using it as a waterslide, where the standard 30° playground pitch is just too fast. There is a TRANSITION module that connects this system to our TUBE SLIDE system, greatly increasing safety and broadening design possibilities.

Cyclone Slide 2 Turns are helical, of course, to keep the rails level. The entry hanger is molded-in and the supports have been greatly simplified. Landscapers love the colors: TAN and GRAY GRANITE. There is a simple bedway watering system for turning it into a waterslide.