Fixed Slide

Three-Rail Slide Three-Rail Slide: Our double-slide is designed to fit your 48″ (1.2m) high deck. Bedways are 16″ (400mm) wide 5½” (140mm) high sliderails. One bedway is a wave slide while the other has 4 staggered moguls to create a ‘slalom’. Molded-in feet and included hangers make installation easy. The bedways are divergent to avoid potential collisions. Shown with the optional double hood.


Banana Slide Bytes Banana Slide: Our quarter-turn slide is shaped like a banana and is very a-peeling. The slide is designed to fit your 36″ (.9m) high deck. It includes the top hanger and the foot can be ordered in a contrasting color. The 9″ (230mm) deep sliderails make this slide safe and secure for even infants. Shown with the optional single hood.


Deck Wave Slide 5′ Deck Wave Slide: Our wave slide is designed to fit your 60″ (1.5m) high deck. The wave is gentle and the 6″ (150mm) high sliderails make this a safe and exciting ride. Included hanger and molde-in foot make installation a snap. Shown without optional single hood.