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Tube Slides have long been an important tool in the playground designers toolbox. Elevated crawl tubes, on-ground crawl tubes, tube slides. There are thousands of combinations possible with the various components. Mixing colors can add another dimension to your design. A tube mounted vertically can be surmounted with a bubble window to make a sand bowl or water bowl. Uses are limited only by your imagination.

Our tubes are 27″ (685mm) diameter with safety flange, at each joint, to cover the mating bolts. Mating flanges are predrilled with 12 boltholes, spaced at 30°. Modules include two styles of ENTRY, two styles of EXIT, 90° ELBOW, 30° ELBOW, and STRAIGHT tubes 24″ (610mm) and 32″ (812mm)in length. We provide supports, including “HANDS”. Custom CAD design service is available.

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